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In the heart of Ghana's bustling construction sector, Green Shine Company Limited has emerged as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Established in 2019, the company has swiftly risen to prominence, earning a reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable construction p…

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Our services

Commercial Construction picture

Our commercial construction division offers comprehensive construction services that includes everything from architectural drawings and consulting, …

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Construction Management picture

Green Shine Company Limited Offers construction management services, both at-risk and agency, to help our clients maximize their investments. Through…

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Residential Construction picture

Our Residential construction team focuses on building and remodeling estate homes in Ghana. Our residential building and remodeling services cover th…

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At Green Shine, we understand what it takes to breath new life into an existing structure. Our remodeling service considers all of the needs and expe…

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If you could visualize potential pitfalls in construction projects before breaking grounds, it would certainly impact your budget, timeline and other…

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Phone: +233 24 644 5591

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171-5444, Sofoline Alignment
Kumasi - Ghana
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